8 magical effects of eating kelp

8 magical effects of eating kelp

Many female friends around do not like kelp, but do you know how high the nutritional value and medicinal value of kelp?

Today I will tell you that the 8 main effects of kelp are to eat kelp in a targeted manner and be a smart healthist!

  N kinds of magical effects of eating kelp1, hair care. Perhaps you know the most about black sesame that can make hair black, ginger that can make hair grow, or walnut that can make hair shiny.

But the most hair care is kelp, the lovely thing is that kelp looks like the beauty of our beautiful long hair.

Nutrition experts believe that regular consumption of kelp can not only supplement the body’s iodine, but also has special effects on hair growth, nourishment, and shine.

  2. Detoxification All vegetables rich in fiber can promote indirect excretion and adsorb free lipids.

Kelp is rich in fiber and alkaline, which increases detoxification.

Moreover, the metabolic rate represents a person’s metabolism ability. When the metabolic rate is very low, the energy is alternately transformed into the body, and other energy will be converted into feces and accumulated in the body.

Eating kelp can enhance people’s metabolic rate, enhance metabolic function, make the spirit more energetic, and thinner.

  3. The kelp that the expectorant usually eats has the effect of removing “old phlegm”.

Kelp tastes salty, has a cold nature, returns to the liver, and the kidney meridian. Its cellulose can remove bacteria and mold and waste dust particles attached to the digestive tract, reduce the accumulation of sputum, and have the effects of reducing sputum and strengthening the body, and reducing swelling.

It is suitable for chronic bronchitis. When treating hypertension, kelp syrup or cold kelp can be included. Consistent consumption. Elimination of “old phlegm” will eliminate the cause of the disease and the effect is quite good.

  4. Calcium supplemented kelp is a kind of vegetable with high nutritional value. In addition to spinach and rapeseed meal, its content of crude protein, sugar, calcium, and iron is several times and dozens of times higher than vitamin C.

Each 100 grams of kelp contains up to 1177 mg of calcium and 150 mg of iron. It is important that the body absorbs calcium in kelp, so eating kelp has important health effects for children, women and the elderly.

  5, beauty kelp juice can eliminate acne marks, improve the skin’s brightness, improve the dark yellow dull complexion, bathing with kelp soup can moisturize the skin, make the skin fresh and smooth, smooth and beautiful.

In the same way, if you eat kelp, you can also have a beautiful skin and moisturizing effect. Of course, if you merge it inside and outside, the effect is better.

If you want to be a beauty skin, you might as well eat kelp!

  6. Elimination of breast hyperplasia Recent studies have found that kelp can assist in the treatment of breast hyperplasia.

This is because it contains a large amount of iodine, about 300 mg to 700 mg of iodine per 100 grams of kelp.

It can prevent lutealization of ovarian follicles, thereby reducing the level of estrogen in the body, adjusting the endocrine disorders, and ultimately eliminating the hidden dangers of breast hyperplasia.Subside.

  7. Studies on the prevention of local complications of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases have shown that a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids in kelp can clear cholesterol attached to the blood vessel wall; the food fiber alginic acid contained in kelp can condition the stomach and intestines, and promote plasma excretion.

People with high blood lipids eat kelp for a long time, which can effectively prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  8. A layer of hoarfrost-like mannitol is often attached to the edema kelp, which is a valuable medicinal substance.

Modern scientific research proves that mannitol has the effect of lowering blood pressure, diuresis and swelling.

In addition, kelp contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids and dietary fiber, which can remove the plasma attached to the blood vessel wall, smoothen the stomach and intestines, and promote the excretion of plasma.

  Band 1, kelp raw wheat: suitable for all kinds of cancer patients with 40 grams of dried kelp, 1000 grams of raw wheat, add water and cook together, take soup, 4 minutes a day?
Finished 5 times.

This recipe is an ideal health care recipe for various cancer patients. It can be taken regularly and has an adjuvant therapeutic effect.

  2, kelp vinegar: suitable for patients with thyroid disease, dried kelp 30 grams, washed, dried and ground into powder.

Cover 3 grams daily with cloth and soak it in rice vinegar to make kelp vinegar.

Implanted with vinegar to drink slowly, suitable for goiter, thyroid tumors, lymphomas and other symptoms.

  3. Kelp fungus kelp: suitable for tumor and cardiovascular disease patients with 15 grams of dried kelp, 15 grams of black fungus, and 60 grams of lean pork (cut into filaments).

First wash the kelp and fungus thoroughly with water, cut into thin filaments, boil with the shredded pork, add salt, monosodium glutamate, and then thicken with water starch to serve.

  This prescription is suitable for patients with gastrointestinal tumors and hyperlipidemia, as well as hypertension, coronary heart disease, and goiter.

This side kelp attack and eliminate the product, black fungus promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, lean pork nourishing yin and tonic, is an ideal medicated diet for cancer patients.

  4, three kinds of kelp: suitable for patients with diabetes and excess disease dried kelp 30 grams, day lily 15 grams, bamboo shoots 20 grams.

After soaking kelp, cut into shreds and cook with daylily and shredded shreds.

This prescription is suitable for patients with diabetes and hypertension, and can be taken regularly.
  5, white sugar mixed with kelp: kelp has obvious effect on the old slow branch. After soaking and washing the kelp with water, cut into shreds, and soak it in boiling water for 3 consecutive times, about 30 seconds each time.Mixing food, taking one cup in the morning and one evening, and taking it for a week, has obvious effect on chronic bronchitis in the elderly.
  6, kelp boiled tofu: “the elixir of immortality” 60 grams of dried kelp, 250 grams of water tofu.

The kelp is soaked with water, cut into long strips, cooked with tofu, and then add oil, salt and other spices.

  It is popular in Japan to pair kelp with tofu, which is considered to be a “magic drug for immortality”.

Scientific research confirms that some elderly people in Japan don’t spend their eyes, don’t have a fat back, and have a clear mind. One of the reasons is that they often eat tofu with kelp and other seaweed foods.

  Kelp food taboos to collect 1. Do not continuously soak kelp. Do not soak it for a long time before eating.

Generally speaking, soaking for about 6 hours is sufficient. Because the soaking time is too long, the nutrients in the kelp, such as vitamins and inorganic salts, will also be dissolved in water, and the nutritional value will be reduced.

If the kelp is not properly cooked after being soaked in water, it means that it has deteriorated and can no longer be eaten.

Chinese medicine believes that those with kelp coldness and spleen and stomach deficiency should not eat.

  2. Don’t take kelp as a staple food. You can’t take kelp as a staple food for a long time. This will spread too much iodine and will also affect your health.

Moreover, kelp contains a certain amount of nitrate, and excessive arsenic can cause poisoning.

Therefore, before eating kelp, it should be rinsed with water to make dissolved water.

  3. Don’t drink tea immediately after eating kelp, don’t drink tea immediately after eating kelp (tea contains starch acid), and don’t immediately eat sour fruits (acid fruits contain plant acid).

Because kelp is rich in iron, these two foods will hinder the absorption of iron in the body.

  4. Patients who eat kelp with hyperthyroidism with caution in special populations should not eat kelp, because the iodine content in kelp is richer and will aggravate the disease; pregnant women and nursing mothers should not eat kelp.

This is because the iodine in the kelp can enter the plasma and the baby with the blood circulation, causing thyroid dysfunction.