Classical neonatal soothing method needs to be used correctly

Classical neonatal soothing method needs to be used correctly

Simulated uterus method: Mothers often use tadpoles to wrap babies after they are born.

Is indeed a good way to calm down the crying baby, but it should be noted that you must not allow the baby to wrap too much, nor can you sleep on your stomach.

Lie-up method: This is indeed the best sleeping position for the baby, but it is necessary to soothe the crying baby and make it more effective.

Most babies don’t mind how they lie when they are in a good mood, but once they cry, if their parents let him lie flat, he feels insecure.

Sucking rehabilitation method: Suction can relieve your baby’s fatigue. More importantly, sucking can start the baby’s soothing reflex, which will make the baby feel relaxed within a few minutes.

Therefore, when your baby is crying, it is a good idea to put only a pacifier in his mouth.

However, the method may not be commonly used, or it will cause the baby to become dependent and not good for health.

Shaking and quiet method: Use shaking to soothe the baby. Although it can calm the crying baby, but to master the correct method, the shaking must be light and small.

Because the movement of the retina often causes damage to the baby’s head and spine.