Seven health benefits of oil

Seven health benefits of oil

The oil here refers to the oil made from sesame, perilla or hemp, but it is now out of the stage of daily necessities.

The oils that are often eaten today are soybean oil, peanut oil and various blending oils.

Today we are said to talk about the wonderful health and beauty of oils commonly used in life!

1. Take an appropriate amount of soybean oil, mix it with fresh milk and egg white, apply it on the face after cleansing, gently massage for 20 minutes, and then wash it off.

After one month of use, the macula on the face is significantly reduced, wrinkles are reduced, and the skin is moist and smooth.

Or heat the soybean oil to about 37 ° C, add an appropriate amount of honey, soak the gauze in the oil, and cover it with the face for 20 minutes.

2. Moisturize the appropriate amount of soybean oil and water, apply to the body and body after bathing, and gently rub for a while to make the skin ruddy and smooth, replacing the dry skinning phenomenon.

3. Remove a small amount of soybean oil and vinegar in the water when removing the odor of the feet, which can quickly remove the odor.

Or massage your feet with soy oil to remove odor.

4. Dropping a drop of soybean oil in the cosmetics when putting on makeup, the makeup effect is better and the luster is bright.

When removing makeup, put two drops of soybean oil on the cotton pad to remove stubborn makeup.

5. Sweat peanut oil rubs the affected area, and the sore will disappear quickly.

6. For tapeworm intestinal obstruction, you can prepare 30ml of cooked peanut oil for one-time use.

7, children with diarrhea (feel the wind evil) gently rub the lower abdomen with peanut oil, this method is not available when the diarrhea is severe.

Note: Soy oil should not be used for oily skin.

If you use food oil to treat the disease, if there is no obvious improvement, go to the hospital for examination in time.