Smart woman learns to spend her husband’s money

Smart woman learns to spend her husband’s money

On Valentine’s Day that year, he gave her a box of chocolates, and they fell in love.

Every day when she is off work, she carefully cleans herself up, and then waits for him to pick her up to go shopping, find new restaurants to eat all kinds of snacks.

  On Valentine’s Day the next year, he gave her an expensive dress, and she carried him in public to slap him in his uniform.

His face was redder than the lipstick she stuck.

  On the third year of Valentine’s Day, he gave her a pearl ring, so she trapped herself and finally married his wife.

  When Valentine’s Day came, he bought a large bouquet of delicate red roses, and she glanced and said, “How much is this?

Roses for Valentine’s Day are the most expensive.

“He looked at his apron, and no longer brought her neat and tidy, he quietly found the vase and inserted the rose.

  ”Today is Valentine’s Day, shall we go out for dinner?

“He was very gentle.

  ”Eating out is equivalent to a week’s meals at home, what a waste.

Don’t go.

“As a result, Valentine’s Day dinner was boring.

  He raised his salary and called her with interest: “Don’t you especially like the imported suit you tried on at the mall last time?

Let’s go back to the mall together after work.

“” You have no problem in your mind, how expensive is that suit? ”

The set that can at least withstand the ten or eight I usually buy is too expensive to go.

Gradually, he stopped buying roses for her, and no longer told her to go out for a candlelight dinner, and he was no longer interested in buying her high-end clothes.

  The more money he earns, the more he returns home. He still buys chocolates and roses every Valentine’s Day. He still likes to eat snacks in the newly opened restaurants.He had another woman to eat with him.

  Sometimes, once a woman becomes a housewife, she will often become very silly. She does n’t know. Sometimes, when her husband wants to buy flowers for you, what he wants is to create a romantic relationship between husband and wife. HeWhen he buys clothes for you, it means that he thinks of you in his heart. When he wants to take you out to eat, he just wants you to step out of the greasy kitchen for a while, and add a sense of warmth to the ordinary life.

The man who has been working hard for a day is very tired. He wants you to accompany him to relax. When appropriate, let the man spend some money for you. Men sometimes like to let their beloved women spend the money he earns.

Women spend money, men have a sense of accomplishment, and men work harder to make money.

Smart women sometimes have to learn to spend her husband’s money.