[How to fry poached eggs looks good and eats]_How to fry_How to fry

[How to fry poached eggs looks good and eats]_How to fry_How to fry

We all know that the nutritional value of eggs is particularly high, but many people think that eating boiled eggs is tedious, especially for young children, so in order to let babies eat eggs, Bao Ma will put eggs in fried eggs and poached eggs.In order to attract children in the process of making fried poached eggs, a variety of beautiful flower patterns will be created to increase the baby’s curiosity. So how can fried poached eggs be delicious and look good?

Speaking of fried poached eggs, many people like it very much because of its similar appearance and shape and the rich nutrition of eggs.

How can we make delicious and beautiful poached eggs?

Do n’t worry, I will share tips on how to fry poached eggs.

In fact, in the beginning, the poached egg was fried on one side. After frying, the whole egg was folded in half. The shape is like a cute poached bag, hence the name.

Now most people make poached eggs for the sake of convenience and simplicity. They will not be folded in half. It is just fine to fry on one or both sides, but the shape is still cute and beautiful.

Let ‘s take a look at the methods and techniques of frying poached eggs.

The method of frying poached eggs is seasoning: cooking oil, edible salt 1, clean the pan, then heat the pan to completely evaporate the water in the bottom of the pan.

2. After the pan is heated, add a little oil (the amount of oil should not be too much or too little), and add a little salt.

3. Pour the eggs into the pan. Although the oil is not too hot at this time, the temperature of the pan is very high, so it becomes a small fire. Otherwise, the poached eggs will be easy to paste.

4. After about one minute, when the protein is a little frozen, sprinkle two spoons of hot water on the eggs and cover with a lid.

5, continue to fry over low heat 1?
2 minutes, lift the lid and take out the fried poached egg. Is a beautiful and delicious poached egg ready? Is the method of frying the poached egg very simple?

But the seemingly simple method, if you do not master the skills, fried poached eggs may not be delicious and good-looking.

Let’s take a look at the skill of frying eggs.

Many people like to put blood sugar into poached eggs when the blood temperature is very high, and then they will cause the oil to splatter and make their hands messy. This will easily fry the eggs.

So in order to avoid this problem, you can calmly fry a beautiful poached egg, and hot oil and cold oil are the best way.

In addition, putting a little salt in the oil can also prevent the oil from splashing.

The temperature in the pot is very high. After adding the eggs, be sure to switch to a low fire. It is also easy to fry the eggs when the fire is continued.

In the practice of poached eggs, when the egg protein started to solidify, add two spoons of hot water to the egg. What does this do?

When the egg whites begin to solidify, the egg yolks have not yet solidified, and two spoons of water are used to cover the pot lid, so that the eggs can be boiled at high temperature, which can make the fried poached eggs tender and delicious.Don’t worry.

It is best to use a frying pan for frying eggs. A non-stick frying pan is the best choice, so the fried poached eggs can be beautiful.