[Dangers of dry red wine]_ disadvantages _ impact

[Dangers of dry red wine]_ disadvantages _ impact

Wine is a wine imported from the West. Among them, France is most famous for its climate and soil.

There are many different types of wine, depending on how it is made.

Among them, dry red wine is a wine in which the grape juice contained in the wine is completely converted into alcohol, and it is also one of the most common wines in the city. However, dry red wine is wine in the end, so dry red wine drinksWhat harm is there?

First, the harm of a large number of dry red wines is that although the degree of wine is much lower than that of white wine, it is also relatively mild.

But after all, it is alcoholic. Alcohol is still stored in the body after drinking a lot of wine, which is also not good for the human body.

Some studies have even shown that patients with heart disease have at least 4 glasses of red wine a day, and their blood pressure rises.

And if too much alcohol is consumed, it will often cause people’s brain nerves to be suppressed, leading to problems such as memory loss.

Second, the efficacy and role of wine 1.

Proanthocyanidins in wine with cardiovascular disease can stabilize collagen fibers constituting various membranes, inhibit histidine off-target enzymes, avoid excessive histamine production, reduce permeability of blood vessel walls and prevent arteriosclerosis.


Prevention of Cerebral Thrombosis Wine contains resveratrol, which is a phytoalexin that inhibits platelet aggregation.

Experiments have shown that even replacing red wine 1000 times is still effective in inhibiting platelet aggregation, with an inhibition rate of 42%, which can reduce the occurrence of cerebral thrombosis.


Can prevent kidney stones.

People who regularly drink a moderate amount of wine are less likely to get kidney stones.

People who drink alcohol have the least chance of getting kidney stones, and their risk of getting a disease is 36% lower than those who are not used to it.


It has the strongest anticancer activity in retinal grape skin.

Wine contains a chemical that prevents diabetes. This substance has this effect because it is anti-estrogen, which is related to vitamins.


Correcting retinal red wine has the effect of preventing the macula (optical membrane) from deteriorating. Wine, especially red wine, contains resveratrol, a substance that can eliminate oxygen swimming-free radicals.

It helps to improve memory and absorb wine in moderation, which helps to improve brain memory and learning ability.

The right amount of wine will promote the production of a certain amount of chemicals in the brain, which can promote the generation of a memory related to nerve cells.


Can prevent colds People who often drink wine often find colds. This is because grapes contain “phenol” compounds, which can form a thin film on the surface of the virus, making it difficult to enter human cells, thereby achieving the effect of preventing colds.