[Is the potato flour cooked transparent?]

[Is the potato flour cooked transparent?]

The hot and sour powder most popular in these Sichuan and Chongqing areas is the hot and sour powder. Most of the hot and sour powder is made of potato flour. Because potatoes contain a particularly high starch content, potato flour made from potatoes tastes delicious.Special strength, and eat a bowl of hot and sour hot powder in winter, the taste is particularly good, the potato flour production methods are different in different regions, then cooked potato powder is transparent?

It is normal for potato flour to become translucent after cooking, and generally it is translucent thin after cooking.

Potato flour is a famous Han snack.

It originated from the Ming Dynasty court and inherited the folk after the Ming Dynasty.

It has won praises from around the world for its unique taste.

According to legend, the imperial kitchen of the Ming dynasty picked potato powder, burped ingredients, nurtured noodles, boiled water, dried in a cold bath, and finally made potato flour, a new pasta.

After cooking the potato flour, the color is bright, soft and trembling, smooth and refreshing.

[Edible method]1.

Take 20-30 grams, mix it with an appropriate amount of cold water first, and then use boiling water to stir and stir to a paste. Add seasonings such as sugar and salt according to personal taste.

Ready to eat (best with honey).


Take an appropriate amount of potato flour and replace it with potato flour juice, then fry them into pancakes and slice them. They can be cooked in hot pot with chicken or trotters and mixed with back-cooked meat. This is a rare table dish.

[Features]Strange fragrance: Potato powder broth collects the essence of bone soup, with nearly dozens of unique Chinese medicine and natural spices, and uses secret craftsmanship to bring out the magic and bone fragrance, and the soup is fragrant.

Taste: Soup in potato powder casserole: “Red and white” Red soup tastes strong and spicy, white soup is elegant and fresh, drink a bite of soup in the casserole, taste the fragrance is not greasy, delicious and dry, transparentAnd long, violent and long lasting.

Nutrition: A variety of nutrients in potato flour, which also contains a “chain” nutrient component, which can greatly enhance the activity of bone cells, with added molecular weight, added blood, slowed down aging, prolonged life, health and beauty, spleen and stomach, Enhance the health effects of memory.

Weight loss: There are very few adults in potato flour, only 0.1%, resulting in excessive slight gradual metabolism, so it still has the effect of weight loss.