[How to pickle garlic is best?

】 _How to pickle_Pickling method

[How to pickle garlic is best?
】 _How to pickle_Pickling method

Garlic loquat is a vegetable, which is simply the rhizome of garlic, but garlic grows underground, so the rhizome that grows on the ground is also a kind of edible food.

Although garlic can sometimes be very spicy and may cause gastrointestinal upset, the nutritional value of garlic is still very high, and occasionally it doesn’t matter.

If you like, you can eat every day.

So how to pickle garlic is best?

1. When cleaning garlic moss, first soak it in fresh saline for 10 minutes, it can kill the sterilization effect.

2. The cleaned garlic moss must control the moisture on the dry surface, otherwise there will be raw water brought in, and garlic moss will easily grow hair when pickled.

3. Cut the dried garlic moss into inches, and then immerse it in salt water. One is that the area of garlic moss is small after cutting, and it is easy to smell; the other can also solve the purpose of continuing sterilization.

However, it should be noted that do not soak garlic moss in cold water during the second soaking, otherwise garlic moss will deteriorate and rot; be sure to soak in warm water. In addition to garlic moss is not easy to deteriorate and rot, you can force the spicy odor of garlic moss to reduce spicy irritation.

4. The time to soak the garlic moss section can be appropriately extended. The time is too short to be easy to taste, and the spicy residue is also heavy.

5. After soaking the garlic cloves, they must also be placed in a ventilated place, and the surface moisture should be dried, otherwise the hair will be prone to deteriorate when pickled.

6. The sauce and taste of pickled garlic moss can be freely displayed according to your own preference, but it should be noted that no matter which sauce is used, it must be ensured that no raw water is brought in, otherwise the garlic moss will rot and deteriorate during the marinating process.

7, pickled garlic moss can generally be eaten the next day, can be served with porridge or stir-fried.

8. The pickled garlic moss is kept in the refrigerator for refrigerated storage, and the color is always emerald green.

Note: The pickled garlic moss can be eaten on the first day and the next day. Use the dry chopsticks to put the garlic moss in the container. The green color and crisp texture can be eaten with porridge, and can also be used forFor cooking, the sweet and sour taste is sweet and sour.